About Us

Community Health Initiative, Napa County (formerly Children's Health Initiative) was launched in 2005 to ensure that all children in our community have access to comprehensive, quality healthcare. Community and business leaders, healthcare providers, educators, child advocates and foundations have come together to create an innovative, public-private partnership that offers an effective and lasting solution to the healthcare crisis for our most vulnerable children and families.


  • Since 2005, our staff has successfully completed over 17,000 health insurance applications, increasing enrollment for previously uninsured children by 78% in Napa County.
  • Each year, we enroll 1,000 new children.
  • We screen over 22,000 children annually through school and other outreach events, personal visits, and phone consultations. Children who have health insurance miss fewer school days, perform better in school, and are healthier. Parents of insured children miss fewer work days. Healthy kids create a healthy community!

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